Community: Connect With Like-Minded Parents

One-On-One: engage in intimate conversations with local parents in your neighborhood.

community: Create a supportive community of compatible peers that share your location, baby age, personality, lifestyle and more through The Sandbox, our localized map.

Events: Add or join spontaneous gatherings like afternoon walks and playdates.

Education: Feel Confident With Parenting

Receive fast, reliable answers to your pregnancy through postpartum questions from seasoned parents and medical experts.

Immerse yourself in our expansive library of videos, articles and podcasts to gain insights, tips and encouragement.

Feel confident through every milestone of parenting with Jama by your side.

Marketplace: Browse Community-Vetted Products With Convenience

Pay It Forward-List new to gently used baby products to pass on to another parent with the Pay It Forward program.

Receive access to promotions, discounts and reviews on products and brands trusted by your community.

Shop a carefully curated collection of products for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Jama Care: Benefits For Businesses

Partner with Jama on employer-sponsored annual subscriptions as a way to further support your employees and their families.
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Congratulations! You are a parent! You were also born into a new life with your baby’s birth. You are about to embark on a journey in this new life: parenthood. The journey through parenthood is a journey that is accompanied by many emotions. You’ll experience a multitude of emotions ranging from good ones like happiness to unpleasant ones like turmoil. Jama is here to help.

Maya Dayan Shalev

Co founder Jama

Connecting Parents, Building Communities

We’re on a quest to ensure no parent has to navigate the parenthood journey alone. Our global collective provides a space for like-minded parents to come together, learn from one another, and share their experiences.
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" I met my friend, who is like a sister to me, through the app. I saw a picture of her in an activity we coincidentally signed-up to together and felt an immediate connection. Since then, we are practically inseparable."

Daniela Shani

" Finally! You don’t have to search through millions of pages to know what to do with your baby. Everything and everyone is here. Absolutely perfect!"

Galit Schwartz Kneam

Mom of 2

" Thanks to Jama, I established a community of mothers who have given birth that meet every week in the garden to sit with the baby, share, and empathize and vent about shared experiences. Thank you Jama, you are doing holy work."

Yael Shipman

Mom in Jama

"Jama is a game-changer! The app's user-friendly interface connects parents seamlessly and offers a wealth of valuable parenting knowledge. It's a must-have for every parent!"

Shlomit Shuster

Baby development expert

Decoding Parenthood

Gain new generation advice and century old wisdom from seasoned parents and medical experts in this expansive resource library.

Join The Conversation

Where the connection and sharing never sleeps.

Join The Conversation

Where the connection and sharing never sleeps.